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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pick Your Own Flowers

 While we were in New Hampshire we visited a "Pick Your Own" flower garden called Song Garden.
Heavy frost was expected so the flowers were not going to last.

You pick up a basket and a scissors and just starting cutting what you want.  The size of your final bouquet decides the price.


Granddaughter had been here before and knew what she liked. At home her flowers get arranged in a mason jar for her to play with. 

Dan was content to watch.

In warmer weather there is a self serve tea house.

 We spotted this gigantic pumpkin.  Too big to pick I guess.

The scenery around us was spectacular.

Maybe some summer day when I'm visiting again, we'll stay for a spot of tea.


Tom said...

Looks like a fun place.

Blogoratti said...

Thats an interesting garden, and lovely photos!

1st Man said...

What a wonderful idea!! I love that they have flowers and charge by the size of the bouquet. So need and Granddaughter looked like she was in her element! Might just have planted the seed of a future gardener. :-)

Margaret Adamson said...

I have never heard of this before but a fabulous idea. A beautiful place to wander around and pick flowers

Dawn Y. said...

A 'Pick Your Own' flower garden sounds like a great idea, Marcia! What a wonderful way to share the bounty of a garden. Love the tea house idea, too! It's definitely worth another visit! Hope you are having a nice week! ♡Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

debsgarden said...

What a fantastic place to visit! I would have spent all morning there and come away with bunches of flowers!

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