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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Morning View

When we designed this house we never really gave a thought of what we would see outside our bedroom window. The original plans called for a patio out there, but we soon realized that wasn't where we would want to sit to entertain. Instead I put in the perennial garden laid out like a compass rose. Now I wake up and look out on the garden to see what has decided to bloom. It is delightful.
The perennial garden is starting it's 4th summer. It's got a ways to go before its the lush garden I envision. But I have to admit it's come a long way from what it was in 2006.

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Daniel said...

What a nice garden to view out your window. To answer your question on the macro photos your best bet is to manual focus on your subject. When the camera auto focuses it tends to not want to focus were you want it to. If you can't manual focus on your camera then try taking multiple photos well focusing on different spots of the subject. Then you can choose the best one once they are downloaded. You should also try to keep the camera 3-5 inches away from the subject. Most lenses need a certain distance from the lens to the subject to focus properly.

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