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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Alzheimers Walk

Saturday, September 28 was the Alzheimers Walk - a fundraiser for the Alzheimers Association.  The Residences at Vantage Point (formerly Vantage House) where I live has been a huge supporter of this event for years.  This is our 4th September here and the first time that we were not traveling so we could participate.

I signed up as a member of the Vantage Point team and had my own page for donations.
[If you want to donate head over to that page.  HERE.]

My father in law died of Alzheimers in 2003 so this walk was dedicated to him.

We have had no rain or cloudy days all of September but this Saturday was a cloudy one.  I guess that was a bonus since it would have been hotter with the sun.

Here are photos from the event.

Some of us standing in front of the Vantage Point tent.  Lots of senior living places were represented here.  Dan is in the khaki shorts.

Our team shirts were purple as were many others but here's a group in white shirts.

Our administrator is in the center above.  Staff out numbered residents in participation.

 Starting line.  We started early because music too loud.  It wasn't a race.

View of Centennial Lake.

Its green with algae because of dry month.

Below you can see the groups behind us crossing the dam.

Sign of fall or overstressed tree?  Don't know.

As you read this I am in Barcelona, Spain.  Arrived on the 2nd and here until the 16th.  I'll have lots to share on my return.


Terra said...

Bravo to you in the fund raiser, and how fun for you to visit Barcelona.

Cynthia said...

A very worthy cause and it looks like a good turnout. My grandpa died of Alzheimer’s. It’s a horrible disease.

Fun60 said...

Well done for doing the fundraiser. Have fun in Barcelona.

Stewart M said...

Its an important cause I think - and growing more important all the time.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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