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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Storm as of 10 AM

What's this a piece of wedding cake?

Generator in foreground before digging out.  It's not on yet.

After digging out.

Dan off down driveway for the third roundtrip.

Front door - I had the job of digging that out.

Perennial garden in the back.

Snow is almost up to the bottom of the swing.

Some things are just lumps.

The screen porch

where everything has a coating of snow.

Stay tuned.  Storm winds are intensifying and until they get to 35 mph its not considered a blizzard.


Latane Barton said...

You have to be kidding me, Marcia. Oh my lordy, that's a bunch of snow. Glad I am on the coast where the snow levels are much less but then it is not nearly as beautiful. Stay warm.

Fun60 said...

How good are you at living in an igloo?

Margaret Adamson said...

Wow! That is some snow fall. Keep warm.

Tom said...

lucky you, no new snow here

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