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Monday, July 11, 2016

European Vacation - Part III

An Assortment of Things Up High in Helsinki

Spheres and crosses on top of the National Church.

A weathervane and lots of domes on office buildings.

Here's a close up of the weathervane with date 1885.  Is it a dragon, chicken, what?

More gold crosses on top of the Orthodox Church. (To be featured in a separate post.)

More spheres and a ladder leading to them.

The flag of Finland.
Correction: the flag of Sweden - must have been on top of their Embassy.

This sphere topper looked like a frog from this way.

Front view shows it is something with two heads.

Another cross on a sphere.  The rest of it is a lighthouse on a church on Suomenlinna - the sea fortress islands in the waters near Helsinki.



Tom said...

Marcia, you sure saw some pretty sights.

Margaret Adamson said...

Good that you looked up,sometime we do not do that and miss photographing things high. Interesting one with 2 heads adn wings

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

The blue and yellow flag is actually the Swedish flag. Finland's flag is white with a blue cross.

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