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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mischief Maker

Last night I heard a tap tap at this window as I watched the State of the Union speech.

There was a very fat raccoon out there.  Sorry no camera handy to capture it.  The critter was up on the compost bin outside the window looking in.  It moved on and I heard nothing more from it.

This morning this was the scene out on the deck.  

 I had put these pots on the deck to winter over and I suppose the soil is soft for digging not frozen like the ground.  I wonder if it found anything worth eating.

 This pot was too heavy to move so it stayed on the fire pit deck.  Will the raccoon strike here next?

Of course this isn't something new for where I live.  Look at this.
It's just I'm not used to it happening in January!  


Tom said...

And to think, the raccoon didn't cleanup after it's self. Lack of manners. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Marcia said...

You know, it never does clean up. What a rude critter!

Fun60 said...

Well he seems to have had a good rummage around.

Margaret Adamson said...

Oh dear! They certainly do make an awful mess.

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