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Monday, August 27, 2012


I know you have them in your yard - volunteers!  Those trees and plants that appear on their own and you don't have the heart to pull out.

Here are four that I face a decision about.

First, some sort of squash.  I let a previous volunteer grow and even transplanted it.  It produced a fruit which when cooked was tasteless.  This one I have no idea what it is and I'm leaving it for now because its green and fills in a spot in the perennial garden.  It won't last past the first frost.
 This one is growing out of the compost bin.  Is it a cucumber or melon?  It won't last long where it is.
 This volunteer red bud tree came with a bleeding heart from my mom.  I've left it here in this corner of the perennial bed but now I realize it needs to find a new home.  But where is the question?  It truly likes it here where it's growing.
 This volunteer cedar tree is growing in the liriope near the pond.  I've transplanted other mini cedar trees to a miniature garden in a pail but none of those survived.  This one has gotten too big to do that and is getting too big to stay where it is.  Where to put it?

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