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Sunday, May 30, 2010

State of the Garden: Vegetables and Flowers

The garden is lush. It's also very full.
Blueberries are forming nicely. I hope they ripen as Sarah gets home.
Emily gave me the idea of planting the cucumber in pots by the fence. I planted three pots of three cucumbers each! Too many, but I hated to waste the plants.
The garlic has scapes. I need to use these.
The snow peas are the monster plants. They grew much taller than I expected.

But they are now flowering and the peas are showing.
In the perennial garden the foxglove is having its turn showing off. The irises are done.

The clematis has the same color scheme.
This is the geranium Dark Reiter that my friend sent to me. It's one of three and looking good.
This is one of the Geum Koi - the only one with flowers.
The lime colored heuchera - Limelight is doing well.
The snow angel variety is too.
This is one of phlox with protective covering from the ground hog. He/she has visited me this spring but when it does!

This is a newer arrival Heuchera Carmel.

Lastly I planted basil I had started from seed inside out in the herb bed. I think the slugs are getting to these.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Looks great! When your foxglove goes to seed can you send me some of the seeds?

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