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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is it about birds ...

and windows? We even have decals on every other window that are supposed to keep them from meeting their death by hitting the glass.

Last evening about 7 o'clock I was on the telephone with my mom and heard the thump of a bird and glass. I was in my studying so I was looking out and thought I saw the bird fly away. Checking to be sure I soon discovered that the bird flying away was not the same one that thumped. A thrush lay on its back on the deck and as I was recognizing what it was, it was dying before my eyes. I went outside and touched it with my shoe but it had passed already.

I seem to only hear the thrushes singing in the evening or see them dead on my deck. I keep a list in the bird book and this makes the third one. Others on the list: '05 - cedar wax wing, '06 - falcon, cardinal, grosbeak, unknown gray bird with mottled breast, '07 - thrush, '08 - thrush, and now in '09 - thrush.

To prevent more deaths, I've got to find more effective decals.

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