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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have You Ever ...

... seen a squirrel pee? I hadn't either until this morning.

I was on the return leg of my mile round trip to get the newspaper (The NY Times now - no longer the Baltimore Sun, but that's another story). As I was passing the stone wall that borders the lane for a portion of it, I heard the sound of falling water hitting leaves. I knew it wasn't warm enough to be melting snow nor was there any snow left in the upper branches of the trees. I looked up to see the source and spied a squirrel. He was laying on a branch of a very old cedar tree, one of three that has been growing along this old stone wall for a very long time. I looked again at the spot where the "water" was reaching the ground then back at the squirrel. Yes it was coming from him/her. To paraphrase an expression of someone very dear to me: "All the world is a squirrel's room."

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