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Saturday, November 16, 2019


November is the month of giving thanks though we really should be doing it year round.

I will devote the rest of my posts this month to what I'm thankful for.

When I was in Barcelona in October I was on a search for a blue plate.  I did see some that were very very gaudy, not my style.  I finally found one in the large department store El Cortes Ingles.  Though the plate wasn't made in Spain, it was made in neighboring Portugal.  It was perfect!

Yesterday we hung it in the kitchen with other precious plates.  It was too big for under the cabinets and there really wasn't enough room there if it had been smaller.  Dan found a good visible spot for it over the refrigerator and visible then from our dining room.

Here it is and the other precious plates that I'm thankful for. Note they all are under the cabinet so there is a shadow line in each photo.

It is the biggest one at 13 in diameter.  The pics below don't give you a frame of reference for sizes but they are of varying sizes.

Metal tray painted by my mother

Plate given to me one Christmas long ago by my mother.

Plate from my mother's china cabinet.  I have no idea about its history.

Wooden plate painted by my mother.

A plate from Italy given to me by daughter Emily on her return from studying in Siena in the fall of her sophomore year.

Now you see why the plate I purchased in Spain had to be blue!  It's now added to my treasured collection for which I am very thankful.


Tom said...

...I like the wooden one!

Anvilcloud said...

I had to remind myself that your TG approaches. Ours is long past. I am so glad we have ours when we do, as it is pretty then but cold and bleak now. I know it is different down there.

Nan said...

Beautiful plates!!!

Kay said...

They are all so unique and beautiful. I think I've only bought a couple of plates for my daughter and sister-in-law.

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