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Friday, March 31, 2017

Enhance Your Thinking Again

Published one of these last week, so here's another.  Let me know how you do.

1. What words, when you add additional letters, become smaller? List at least 4 words

2. It has been said that Moses took a certain amount of animals of each species aboard the Ark with him.  How many did he take?

3. What has a foot on each end and one in the middle?  Come up with at least 2 answers.

4.  4, 7, 11, 16, ___, 29

5.  You have two pencils, a good one and a cheap one.  The good one costs $1.00 more than the cheap one.  You spent $1.10 for both.  How much did the cheap one cost?

6.  What is mightier than God and more evil than the Devil?  The poor have it, the rich lack it, and those who eat it perish?

7. Ten full crates of walnuts weigh 410 pounds, each empty crate weighs 10 pounds.  How much do the walnuts themselves weigh totally?

8.  A hobo can make one whole cigar from every 5 cigar butts that he finds and then he smokes it.  How many cigars can be made if h finds 25 cigar butts?

Answers are below the photo.  Try to answer before looking.

1.  Millimeter, centimeter, smaller, smallest, littlest  are some possibles

2. Moses didn't go on the Ark.

3. yardstick, easel, three-legged stool, church pew are some possibles

4. 22

5. cheap one cost $.05  good one $1.05

6. Nothing

7. 310 pounds

8. 6 cigars

Need any explained?

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