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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Inside the Franciscan Monastery

I posted here about the trip to the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC and promised to share the tour of the sanctuary and catacombs.

The church is laid out in a cross but one that looks like a + not the typical cross.

 Where the two arms meet is where the worship leader stands rather than one arm being the front of the church or nave.

Looking down each arm are special areas.

There are 4 chapels in each corner.

One is of course dedicated to St. Francis.

Lovely stained glass windows came from Germany.

Downstairs is a recreation of the catacombs of Rome.  Those stones are painted.

Relics are tucked into corners.

There is a chapel dedicated to purgatory.

It was an interesting place to visit.


Gosia k said...

in my opinion the church looks magnificient inside.

Tom said...

...beautiful architecture and art work here.

Margaret Adamson said...

Fabulous church

Stewart M said...

That is a very familiar style of building - must be their corporate style!

Cheers - Stewart M, Mells, Somerset, UK

bethnva said...

i love all the colors. the ceiling the stain glass. so amazing!! ( ;

Graciel·la Vidal said...

A good report of this beautiful place. I like a lot. Thanks

Bill Nicholls said...

Not been to a monastery yet, would love to visit one

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