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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On the Road

Dan and I are traveling.  We flew to Memphis on Thursday thinking we were getting away from cold weather.  We brought it with us.  We stayed over the state line in a bed and breakfast in Mississippi. We headed south on Saturday staying in Vicksburg. Last night we were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We are off to New Orleans this morning and then will turn east along the Gulf coast.  Our destination is Sarasota, FL by Sunday.  We'll fly home on Tuesday.

No photos to post yet.  I'll have lots to share over many posts.

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Betsy Adams said...

You probably flew right over the top of us!!!! ha ha .... And YES==it has been cold here... It will warm up this week --but we had 3-4 days of FRIGID weather for our area of the country.

You certainly are covering a lot of ground on such a short trip.... BUT--you are visiting some of my favorite places: Nw Orleans, Sarasota (I lived in Venice --south of there-- for about 4 years in the '70's), and the Gulf Coast area.... Next time you travel to those areas, spend MUCH more time to really get to see the areas.

Have fun....Be Safe returning home.

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