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Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's This? #19

Recognize what these are?

How about now?

Now do you know?

This is the stage at the Kennedy Center Concert hall.  The organ pipes are part of the background.  They didn't always have them there.  Nor did they have chairs behind the stage.  Dan spent a lot of time at the Kennedy Center when he was playing the tuba.  He played primarily in the pit in the Opera House.

Know what this is?


Now do you know?

We were at the Kennedy Center to hear Trevor Noah of The Daily Show.  
If you ever get a chance to hear him, go.  He was very funny.

I tried to capture the bust of Kennedy in the Foyer as we were leaving.

The Kennedy Center was a hopping place that night.


Fun60 said...

That is an impressive organ. A walk down memory lane for Dan. Does he still play the tuba? It must need a room of its own.

Gosia k said...

looks great

Margaret Adamson said...

Recognised the 1st shot right off as my Mum was an organist, second one needed help!

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