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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tuesday Treasures #25 - Treasures in the State House

This is my third posting on the Maryland State House that we visited on Monday September, 26th.  Years ago when I taught 4th grade a favorite field trip was to go to Annapolis and have a guided walking tour with a docent in Colonial garb.  One of the stops was the State House.  Since then major renovations were done and the inside looked very different from what I remembered.

A major event in the history of the State House was that it was the first peacetime capitol of our country.  In that capacity General George Washington came here to resign as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

There is a lot to see and read.  This post will focus on the historical aspects.

This painting hangs in the stairwell.

The first Colonial governor of Maryland, appointed by his brother, Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of the Colony.  Maryland was founded with the intent to have religious freedom.

Clarence Blount, the first African American elected to serve in the state legislature.

Mary Risteau, the first woman elected to the state legislature.

A plaque commemorating William Henson, a Maryland son.

Inside an anteroom to the Old Senate chamber is this collection of faces from the past.

Here's Dan standing with George.

Annapolis is a beautiful city to visit.  The State House is just one stop of many historical places to visit while you are there.

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Tom said...

A house of treasures! I've never been here, one more thing to put on my to do list. The Maryland State Flag has alway caught my eye...what a collection of colors. Thanks Marcia for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon.

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