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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tuesday Treasures # 14 - Selling Treasures

The online auction service, MaxSold.com was here Monday.  Dan and I had done a lot of sorting for their coming by putting like things together into lots.  When Dorothy, the person in charge, walked in she asked "Do you want a job?"  I guess I did a good job prepping for them.

We have 102 lots to sell.  Interested?  Go to MaxSold.com put in zip code 21244 and look for Windsor Mill, MD.  There's a photo up already of our leather furniture.  Now the drawback for those of you far away is that you have to come here to pick it up.  No shipping, sorry.  Apparently people will drive up to three hours for something they really want.  That means there's a whole lot of people out there that are potential buyers.

The photographer, Dorothy, her trainee, Carmen, and the catalogers, Julie and Angie arrived at 10 and worked through 2 o'clock.  They will assemble photos and descriptive copy and send to me for editing.  The auction goes live on Friday evening and runs through Thursday, the 12th.  Pickup which is managed by MaxSold staff happens between 11 and 3 on the 14th.

Here are just a few of the treasures I am selling.

Joining Tuesday Treasures

Every lot is numbered and assigned a pick up category.  Fragile things get picked up first so this lot is 532A.

The table is one lot and the chairs another.  On the table top are three different lots.

It was hard but I can't take all my Mother's painted work.  Daughters took some and I kept some. Others someone else will enjoy.

Paired down the table linens especially since we will have a small table.  We are taking the one on the porch for now.

Didn't know I had so many baskets.

Daughters and I each took a set of Amish figures but I'm letting the rest go along with these Amish prints.  I'm keeping my Mother's primitive Amish painting.  The original family of four that started this collection and that I played with as a child are included in this lot.

There is much, much more.  How did we accumulate so much in 10 years here?  We thought we'd downsized when we moved here?

Today, I got our new address and phone number.  Our move date is June 27th.  


Margaret Adamson said...

You certaily are well organised. NOTE to yourself=- Dpn't collect so much 'stuff' in the future. Ony have thingss you NEED, not want.

Tom said...

As far as baskets are concerned, you NEVER can have too many! You will deserve a well earned rest after the move is complete. Thanks Marcia for sharing and I hope to see back again.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Nice mix of stuff. It is hard to downsize. I hadn't heard of maxsold before. Thanks for including that information.

Dawn Y. said...

You are really on a roll, Marcia! Great job! So glad that you have a moving date now. How are you holding up through this very busy time? ♡Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

Tanya Breese said...

oh it must have been hard deciding what to keep and let go of...i have never heard of maxsold, what a fun site! good luck on your move!

Fun60 said...

You are so organised but then being a teacher that is one skill you learn very quickly. Look forward to hearing how it all goes. Good luck.

Peggy Jones said...

Hello Marcia, we have tried that downsizing also and I am tempted to buy things I like right now. But I have done good. Children know now to give me flowers or something I can eat or use up. Love the baskets.

genie said...

Downsizing is just the hardest thing to do. I do a little bit of it all the time and we are not moving....yet. Your organization is superior. Yes, I think you could definitely go into the business.

Marie C said...

Wow! You have some awesome treasures for sale! I just can't let go of anything...it's so hard! :-) Most of my downsizing is about going through boxes that didn't get gone through in the last two moves, and throwing away old papers, and some old computer printers and telephones (that sort of thing) we kept for who knows why. And I'm selling a few things, like my ceramics supplies because I don't do ceramics anymore. That sort of thing. The treasures I want to keep! :-) Good luck with your sale!!!

Kay said...

If I was 30 years younger, I would certainly be wanting to get some of your treasures. Sigh... But now we're trying to downsize too.

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