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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vegetable Garden at the Start of Summer

Spent the morning in the vegetable garden today.  Here's from the gate looking in.

This first bed has 4 tomato plants that I purchased and a row of radishes.  

This larger bed has carrots, beans and peppers. The three peppers in the front are ones I started.  There were two in each of those cups so I transplanted one from each to the back side of the bed. Can you see the squash on the far left.  It's a volunteer that I hope is butternut so I'm going to let it grow.

These banana peppers are almost ready for picking.  They are on a plant I purchased.  

The jalape├▒o also has small peppers on it that I can pick any day I need them.

The tomato in the middle is a Rutgers and gave me my first tomato.  The four in each corner are ones I started.

Under the netting is broccoli from which I got a nice head today.  I also have zucchini starts in there.

I took all the garlic scapes off before vacation and we had them in spring rolls.  Won't be long before the garlic needs to be harvested.

Here's another bed of tomatoes.  The two on the left were purchased plants and the others are my starts.

Cucumbers are up and more lettuce in front.

I took a lot of basil from this bed today.

These are butternut squash that my Mom started before she moved to assisted living.  I hope they produce.

And here's the first tomato.  Not very big. I put it into the zucchini and it dissolved.


Susan said...

Lovely veggie garden!! I like that netting device. Congrats on the first tomato -looks yummy. Ours are just blossoming now so it will be a while. I cannot wait!

Bonnie K said...

You are so far ahead of me it is crazy! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the harvest.

1st Man said...

Color me jealous!!! :-)

Congrats!!! Looking good.

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