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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Harvest - Early June

The snow peas have arrived.

I planted them three times and the first batch is about done and the third batch is just starting.  This evening I picked from all three.  We are having them every other day.  No need to freeze as they don't do well that way for me.  Enjoy them while we can.

Lettuce and garlic scapes also at picking point.

I had one harvest of tatsoi.  We had it with hot beef broth poured over it for a soup appetizer.

See other harvests at host: Daphne's Dandelions.


Jenny said...

Great harvest of peas! I have only 4 snow-pea plants that survived so we only have a few at the time. Hope the rest of the year will be just as bountiful for you!

Emily said...

Looking forward to enjoying some of your peas next week. We're still in just the salad stage.

Stewart M said...

I can remember the first of these I ever had - we let somebody else use our patch of garden (as to why is another story!) and he gave us some - I think my Mum cooked them until they looked like damp wrapping paper - it took a while for me to try them again!

Thanks for the comment on my wordy blog - sorry I lost you.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Stewart M said...

Me again - the silvereye is about an inch longer than a ruby-throated hummer.


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