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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Recommendation

I haven't recommended any books in awhile so let me suggest one to you in case you need a good read.  The author is Melanie Benjamin and the title is The Aviator's Wife.  The #1 aviator of the 20th century was Charles Lindbergh and this work of fiction is loosely based on the life of his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It's told in the first person so you know it has to be fiction but historically accurate as far as the events that shaped her life with Charles.  It's billed as a "spellbinding portrait of a marriage" and it is.  The kidnapping of their first born, Charles Junior is quite heart rending and in fact when I got to that part I had to take a break for a day or two until I knew I had enough time to get through it.  The sad result of that tempered their relationship until Charles death in 1974.

Look for this one and also another book she wrote called The Autobiography Mrs. Tom Thumb.  You won't be disappointed.
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