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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sounds of Spring

I had a video with the sounds of the frog in the pond.  They appeared for the first time this spring bright and early this morning.  First one that I tried to capture on a video but all I got was the sounds of the birds.  Then later a chorus of frogs singing to the start of spring on this March 1st.  Unfortunately I'm unable to upload it to the video to this blog. I get error messages.  Oh well!

We had lots of rain yesterday.  That may be why the frogs decided to rise out of the mud where they've been buried this winter. My new gauge was put to work recording the amount.
Flowers are busting through.  The hyacinth I bought in flower last spring and transplanted to the garden later.

Safeway had a great buy with daffodils so I bought three bunches.  They were solid buds when I brought them home yesterday afternoon and immediately started to open.
I'd much rather have the stems from others' gardens than pick mine.
Finally here are the frogs without the sound.
Now I wonder if I'll be able to clean out the pond without disturbing the eggs they're sure to lay.


Robin said...

How nice! It looks like you are a few weeks ahead of us up here.

Too bad about the video :(

HolleyGarden said...

Frogs! How fun! And it looks like spring has arrived at your place!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

We have feet of snow. I would love to hear the frogs. Thanks for putting the sound in my head.

Jean said...

I have frogs in my water garden so I understand. It is an early spring.
Nice spring photos!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, you are so lucky.. our little pond had to be filled in, and I miss it so! We are going to put one in the garden, hopefully this year. I'll still hear the frogs from our neighbor's big ponds, but I love to see their little green faces!

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