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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Status of My Seedlings

It was a jungle under my lights. I had transplanted the Rutgers tomato plants to bigger pots but didn't have enough to do the others.

Here are the Amish Paste tomatoes ready to go into bigger Cow Pots.

You put the whole original pot into the new pot. I planted them deeper and now they're ready to grow some more.

Peppers that need to be thinned before transplanting.

Thinned and pot placed into new pot. Transplant soil added.

I transplanted some of the basil, all of the peppers and eggplants and two varieties of tomatoes.

Some of the plants that didn't make the cut or did they?

Twelve Cow Pots under the lights with no more room for any others.

The rest are in trays lined with plastic and placed in my south and west facing windows.


Robin said...

I hope that this weather stabilizes soon! I really don't want to be doing the seedling shuffle any longer then normal!

I have never had any luck with those cow pots. I know that a lot of the gardeners use them. I just can't keep the moisture level where I want it to be.

wilderness said...

Robin I am with you on the cow pots.

Marcia the seedling look great. They are farther along than mine are and I stated way before you I think.

Jean said...

Your seedlings look super!

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