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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fawns Have More Fun

I wish I had the picture to go with this. Unfortunately it's on a roll of 35mm film - who still takes pictures that way? Anyway here's the story.

We returned last Sunday from a family wedding in MA. Of course I had to check out the garden to see what the latest damage was from the deer or ground hog. The deer had found the hosta blooms and eaten some of those. They had also gone into the pond and eaten the floating plants whose name escapes me. I'm not going to be able to spray them with liquid fence. Hopefully there are enough roots to recover.

Yesterday I happened to look out my study window and see one of the twin fawns sauntering up the driveway headed to the pond. It went right in and started dancing around. Sarah grabbed her camera (35mm film needing to be used, my digital out of batteries) and snapped some shots of it. We thought that the dance was likely due to the goldfish that are attracted to things in the pond. They cluster around my boots whenever I wade in. What will they do when the heron comes by? After a time it waded out and went to nibble on some hostas. I scared it away.

This morning as I was watering I realized the pond fountain was submerged. I quickly unplugged it, donned my boots and waded in to fix it. Later at breakfast when I told Dan about it, he said he had seen the fawn this morning walking through the backyard. Ah ha! "Fawn frolics in pond and upsets fountain" should have been the news headlines. Well, it is a very hot week and I guess it finds the pond a cool retreat.

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