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Friday, August 29, 2014

Thank You, Annie's Granny!

In May of this year the garden blog community lost a wonderful vegetable gardener to cancer.  Many of you knew her as Annie's Granny.  A last tribute resides here but her many blog posts still exist in the blogosphere for others to read and learn to love gardening.

Many of us dedicated our gardens this year to Granny and posted a wonderful picture created by one of her blogging friends (sorry I don't remember who that was.)

I never imagined that in dedicating my garden to her that I would reap such bounty this year.  But it has been the biggest harvest I have had especially for peppers.

I spent the morning in the garden.  It was a very cool one for late August and by the time I got in there the sun had moved behind the tall tulip poplar trees to the south and the garden was shaded.  Sun will return later today.

I removed the spent tomatoes in the largest bed and have planted more snow peas.
 The first planting of snow peas is showing up nicely.

I picked oodles of peppers and there are many more there.

And they are still flowering.

I picked all the red Jimmy Nardello with more to ripen.

There are more cucumbers to form.

Some nice zucchini.  I picked the largest one.

This year I never saw a tomato hornworm.  Don't know if it was the marigolds or what.

The beans are flowering and as I worked in the garden I was visited multiple times by hummingbirds.  As I watched they found the bean flowers and took the nectar.

My butternut squash is the largest I've seen.

The Juliette tomatoes continue to produce.

New lettuce is up.

As I worked there were other birds to visit.  The bluebird house is just over the fence and it looked like the female was still feeding nestlings though I didn't hear anything when she took an insect into the box.

The goldfinches too love my bird feeder and they have been harvesting the seeds on the black-eyed susans. (see post below).

One last look at the garden before I head inside.  The sun is providing dappled light now as we head to mid-day.

I can't see the vegetable garden from my study window any longer at this time of year because the miscanthus has grown so large.

Inside I take stock of my harvest.  Basket one before emptying.

Basket two before emptying.

Under the Juliette tomatoes are the peppers.

Green beans were under there too.

Here are all the Juliette.

From basket one comes this zucchini.

These tomatoes that need to ripen were there.

Jimmy Nardello peppers.

Left in the basket, one cucumber and peppers that masquerade as jalapeño but are not hot.

And finally this harvest of Cubanelle peppers.

Thank you Granny!


Haddock said...

What a wonderful garden. Love those Juliette tomatoes.

Stewart M said...

I spent a few hours in the garden this weekend - it could almost have been spring!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Rachel Arsenault said...

It looks like you had a great garden this year. Granny would be proud.

I also miss Granny terribly and think of her often while I am gardening or using one of her recipes. Granny is certainly an inspiration to many of us. The graphic was done by Tammy at Gammy's House (http://gammyshouseblog.blogspot.com/).

~ Rachel @ Grow a Good Life

David Velten said...

Your garden looks so healthy and productive. And some of my favorites like Juliet and Jimmy Nardello.

Daphne Gould said...

Just wonderful harvests. And is that the reason my garden is doing so well this year? I'm getting better harvests than normal. Granny must be looking down on me too. I really miss her.

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

You have such a lovely garden! Thanks for the tour. Is that Joe Pye weed in the one photo? Not that it's a weed. I was thinking about Granny the other day as I was wiping down my winter squash with the bleach solution. I was a bit leery about doing that last year but she commented that she had done it that way for years.

Margaret said...

There is so much happening in your garden - it's just wonderful! Love all the peppers - I'm definitely going to be increasing the number of varieties that I grow next year. And add me to the "We Miss Granny" club...

1st Man said...

I missed this post, sorry. Wow, what a wonderful harvest. So neat what you posted about Granny...2nd Man and I were talking recently and even though our garden was small and limited, it was the best one we've done, we're on the right track and we were saying that Granny was watching over us. I'd like to think she's visited all of our gardens this season.

She would be so proud...she is definitely missed.

Again, great job in you garden. Very bountiful and isn't that the purpose? :-)

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