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Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday

This has been the best week for harvesting in the vegetable garden. Lots of variety!
Lots of peppers that made wonderful stuffed peppers this week. There are more peppers on there but I pick as needed if I can.

Amish paste have slowly ripened.

Zucchini is at the giveaway stage. I have given some away twice now and even tried freezing it for soups this winter. We have it almost at every meal in some form.

Cucumbers have filled up my refrigerator pickle jar. I found another smaller jar to use at Goodwill and that's full too.

This Amish paste looked lovely on one side but was eaten on the other. I cut off the bad part and the rest was fine.

More peppers for salads and other uses.

Cherry tomatoes are ready every day. They are best in salads or to eat by themselves.

A typical day's harvest.

First Goldie today.

These Rutgers fell off as I touched them. I think the plant is going.

See other harvests at the host of Harvest Monday - Daphne's Dandelions.


Allison at Novice Life said...

Nice harvest -- your peppers look wonderful!

Barbie said...

Not to worry. From too many zucchini, to worrying that it will soon stop. The cycle never ends. Looks like you've got your hands full of cucumbers, too.

Emily said...

Look at all those tomatoes. I'm looking forward to enjoy some of yours at the end of this week.

Robin said...

Boy your peppers are really taking off! My goodness lady, how many zucchini plants do you have? I planted just one and then another a few weeks later for back-up in case of the dreaded SVB's!

Nice maters :)

Shawn Ann said...

I hate when you see a beautiful tomato and turn it around and something ate it!

Daphne said...

Wonderful harvest. I'm wondering if I'll ever get to the stage where I wish for less zucchini this year. I'm seeing frass from the vine borers so they will be getting to the end soon I think.

Ariel said...

Hi Marcia, it seems you have a lovely vegetable garden. It is so satisfying to plant and have your own veggies, esp when we hear of the amount of pesticides we consume from store bought vegs.

Sherry said...

Very nice harvest. Your bell peppers look big, and that IS a lot of zucchinis...

wilderness said...

Great harvest. Am still waiting for the first taste of my garden other than scallions and radishes. I was surprised to see the size of the Amish Paste, I expected them to be much bigger. I tried them last year but my plants died when I put them in the garden. The Jersey Giants are much larger.

Love the pictures from PA. Very interesting.

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