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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Loving These Color Combos

Don't you just love this time of year?
The colors are just so lovely.

Let me show you.

On the south side of the pond the weigela is in bloom.

The one lilac to its left is also blooming but not as profusely and the purple Siberian iris are just opening here.

The ostrich fern is a soft green with the Joe Pye weed sprouting in front.

Forget me nots with pink creeping phlox.

These Siberian iris on the east side of the pond are farther along.

Look at these three colors of green.

Sedum of different types loving their spot.

Along the glen the hosta and ferns in complimenting green.

In the perennial garden the deep purple iris have opened.

More Siberian.

A lavender shade to these iris.

The only heron I keep around is this stone one watching over the birdbath and miniature blue hosta.

Stop by again to see the yellow iris at the pond in full bloom in the week ahead.

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