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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Window Views

There are many things to love about my house, but one of my favorite aspects is being able to look outside at ground level.  Our house is all on one level so that is easy to do.  From my study I see the pond garden.  From the bedroom wing the perennial garden.

There's nothing as nice as waking in the morning and looking out to see what has opened that day.

Sarah looks out over the rain barrel into the perennial bed.  The herb bed is on the left.

Out the master bedroom we get the full view. This is looking to the left.

This is looking to the right.

And farther to the right.

This is looking straight on.

Dan even gets a view from his study.

1 comment:

HolleyGarden said...

Fabulous views, but especially the ones you have from your bedroom window. It has to be very motiving when you wake up seeing the garden every morning.

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