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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pond Garden

The pond is full after a day of rain on Tuesday.  It's been mulched (not by me!) and is looking good.  It won't be long before it's rimmed in yellow but that will have to be another posting.

Let me walk you around the pond.

Oops.  Wrong photo.  That was when it was frozen which wasn't so very long ago.

Here's the view from the garage.

Under my study window are these lovely hosts.

So many blooms are preparing to open.

Here's one that has.

Looking across the pond to the house.  That's my study window.

Where are those croaking frogs?

Come back another day and I'll walk you through the other gardens.


Linda said...

What a wonderful tour. Lovely photos!!!

HolleyGarden said...

So very nice! Everything looks so green, lush, and like it's ready to pop! I think you sent me some orange daylilies? They're just starting to bloom!

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