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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 "Springtime in Paris"

This was my first trip ever to a Flower Show. I had no idea what to expect. It was lovely!

Here are some of my favorite photos. The rest are on my picture share site: Birds, Blooms & Books.

Notice the rain chain on the left is made from a bicycle chain.

When I first looked at this tree I thought is was growing on trellis. It is the trellis.

I definitely will go next year. The theme will be Hawaii.


Jean said...

I love the bird house with a "living roof". Also like that "living trellis". Very cool photos of the show!

Emily said...

I like the treasure chest a lot. Nice to see all your photos

wilderness said...

Great shots. Will look at the rest later. Love the one of the wagon. I don't need any ideas since I am still working on the fairy garden from the Cincinnati Flower show and Keggy's pictures from 2 years ago.

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