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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Treasures #15 - Ribbon Angel Post

While I prepare for my big move, I'm reflecting back on old posts on this blog.  I've scheduled one a week as I take a hiatus from blogging.
This one first published in December 2010 received the most page views - over 1000 and counting.  Interestingly enough it has had only one comment.  I imagine people trying to find how to make ribbon angels come across this blog, read it and then close it without commenting.
I'm linking it to Tuesday Treasures.
Ribbon Angels
(December 2010)
I purchased several of these ribbon angels at a craft show earlier this month. Sarah needed a craft to make with her students so I figured out how these were made.

Each angel has ribbon, with wire edge is good, a ribbon rose and a jingle bell head. I substituted with what I had to make one.

I folded a ribbon seven times tucking in the raw edge back into the folds then stapled near the top for the body.

The wings have 5 folds and a staple in the center.

I trimmed the body of the top edge just above the staple.

Then I hot glued the wings to the body.

I had a large pearl from a broken string to use as a head. I hot glued that in the center of the wings over the staple.

Instead of a rose I used a button. I didn't have a hanger but it sits on a branch of my tree just fine.


Peechee said...

Great job recreating the angel. It looks fantastic. I'm the crafter you purchased that ribbon angel from. Aren't they fun to make? I love making them. Even more so this year with all the beautiful ribbons that are out.

Tom said...

Well, this treasures is too much for my clumsy hands. Marcia, I thought you were in a downsizing mode. Thanks for sharing and I hope that your upcoming move goes smoothly. Please stop back again.

Marcia said...

Tom - funny you should say that about downsizing. I think that angel and others I made were sold in the Christmas decoration lot during the auction. They are no longer in my possession.

happywonderer.com said...

I wonder if I might be able to recreate this, too. Enjoy your downsizing...

Electra said...

These are wonderful! thanks for commenting on my post for Our World. YOu asked a question: "That is a lovely looking building. Waterton is the Canadian part of Glacier National Park in Montana, correct?"
Yes, it is Marcia!

Kay said...

This is very creative. I love it!

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