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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Mystery Death

I placed chicken wire cylinders around the plants like the cone flower and black-eyed susans that the ground hog likes to eat. I never imagined that it would be an instrument of death, but I know of no other reason for the death of this lovely tiny bird that I found hanging from one of the cylinders just a few minutes ago.

One claw is still grasping the wire. Did it fly into the wire?

It has lovely iridescent feathers on its back.

I'm sorry that this is the only way I've been this close to a humming bird.


vrtlarica said...

I don’t believe that it was because of the wire. If it would be wire, I would have dead birds all around the plot.
I have found also a dead bird the other day. I think that the cat got to it, as a neighbor has a cat with 3 kittens. They probably need to learn how to catch birds and mice.

It is too bad that you need to hide such a pretty flower behind the wire.

Dan said...

That is kind of strange. I think if the wire cause it, it would have hit it and fell to the ground.

Emily said...

I think it is more likely it perched there and then died then it was killed by the wire. Unless you had a thunderstorm last night and it was struck by lightening. When we had the electric garden fence, birds would perch on it and touch the ground and die, but it seems unlikely that your chicken wire was electrified.

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