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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cemetery Scouting

Friday, July 14th Dan and I took a break from the regular day routines to be tourists in Alexandria, Va.

Here is one of the spots we stopped by to see - a cemetery.  Dan's great grandfather is buried here.

Joining Fences.

Do you know why they put a fence around a cemetery?
People are just dying to get in.

We found the headstone of Dan's great grandfather amongst the poison ivy and other weeds.

I took this photo upside down and then righted it to show here.  

Dan has no recollection of his great grandmother even though she died 6 years after he was born.  His mother confirmed that they saw her a lot.

Geneva was a great aunt, daughter of the great grandfather.

This person is no relation other than the father of the great aunt's husband.

Looking back at the graves with the one we came to find almost engulfed by the weeds.

I need to post some of these photos on my Ancestry.com website now.

It's not know why this cemetery was chosen maybe something as simple as proximity to home.  From the first photo you can see its not filled to the brim with graves.  But then again maybe it is but without markers.


Tom said...

...Cemetery Scouting is one of my favorite activities.

Latane Barton said...

I used to spend tons of time searching for ancestors tombs in cemeteries. Guess those days are over for me.

Fun60 said...

How interesting to find your ancestors' graves. You can learn so much from graveyards. Congratulations on your latest grandchild.

Lea said...

Old cemeteries are fascinating places. So sad that many graves are lost because poor people did not have money for tombstones

Betsy Adams said...

Since I love Genealogy/Family History---I truly enjoy visiting cemeteries... One can find lots of ancestor information while visiting old cemeteries.... BUT---I will say that I just enjoy visiting old cemeteries PERIOD.... It's interesting just looking at old tombstones and seeing the information...

Thanks for sharing... Glad you are putting this info on Ancestry.


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