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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bank to Restaurant

We visited Fredericksburg, VA with friends Janet & Will on Sunday to Monday of this week.  This is the first of several posts on what we saw.

We had lunch at Foode.  They didn't take reservations and being Mother's Day and a graduation weekend we took our chances at getting seated.  We arrived at noon and got on their list for an hour and 3/4 wait.  Turned out to be only an hour which we used to walk around the old town.  They called Will and we were only a 5 minute walk away at that point.

Foode is in an old bank building.  A great use of the space.  

We were surprised to see Lincoln's face above the mantle in this southern town.

Even the old vault is used for seating.

No photos of the food.  It was good.  Janet and I had the grits and eggs served with a tomato cheese small salad mix on top.  Dan had a large salad with grilled chicken and Will had waffles and fried chicken.  As an appetizer we had pimento cheese toast. 


Tom said...

...What a wonderful place, from your lunch selections I could tell that you were in the south. I.m looking forward to seeing more of the sights from your trip. Thanks!

Fun60 said...

What a fun place for a meal especially in the vault.

Kay said...

What an interesting place to have a restaurant. So much fun!

Gosia k said...

Looks interesting

Betsy Adams said...

How special to turn an old bank into a restaurant... Glad you were able to walk while you waited... We never choose to wait in line THAT long ---but we don't usually have the opportunity to do something else during the wait.

To avoid lines at popular restaurants, we usually go either early or late... Seems to work well most of the time... Guess we are just too impatient!!!!! ha

I'd love to eat in the vault at that restaurant... ha


Rose said...

I would love to try their food...or would be happy just to get to walk through and maybe have an iced tea. Beautiful place.

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