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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

College Park Aviation Museum

One of the wonderful things about living here at Vantage House is the organized field trips.  All I have to do is sign up and show up on time.  The Life Enrichment Coordinator does all the rest.  Tuesday was an organized trip to the College Park Aviation Museum next door to the oldest continuously operating airport in the world.

Arriving by Vantage House bus we were met at the door by two docents - one was in training.  The museum is filled with airplanes.  Since I recently read David McCullogh's "Wright Brothers" this trip was a great follow up to that.

Let me let the displays speak for themselves.

Large posters greet you in the front hall filled with old photos from the Wright Brothers' early days of flight.

 A copy of their glider is above your head.

Orville reincarnated as a robot spoke to us about their invention.

Once you step into the larger space you see it filled with early planes.

This is a Wright Brothers' plane re-creation.  As bicycle builders they used many bicycle elements in their first planes.  To dupe those who attempted to copy their plane they painted all wood to look like metal.

This plane the first helicopter.  It was designed by the inventor of the Victrola phonograph.

Notice the symbol under this Army aircraft's wing.  With the outbreak of war with Japan the symbol was changed since the red circle resembled the Japanese flag.

This is the Ercoup sold at Macy's.  Manufacturer expected everyone would want one.  It was easy to fly.

There were exhibit on loan from the Smithsonian on the importance of mail to US troops in every war.  Another room was set aside for hands on experiences and it was filled with children of all ages.

Afterward we had lunch at the Silver Diner then came home.

Great trip.  I'm looking forward to many more.


Betsy Adams said...

How neat is THAT..... I truly think you two made a great decision with your move... No more worries about the deer eating your flowers!!!!!! YEAH....

We are having the driest summer I can remember here in TN.... Haven't had any significant rain in over 2 months and it's been terribly hot and humid... Not a good summer for gardening... (Bet you don't miss this at all... ha ha )

Thanks for sharing the museum. My brother would have LOVED that one.


Tom said...

Aviation sure has come a long way! Looks like a fun place.

Margaret Adamson said...

great that these wonderful trips are all organised for you and this one was great to see.

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