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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stages of Fall

Our fall color is in another stage - the beech trees are providing the golds now.  Tulip poplar the tallest trees in our woods have lost almost all their leaves.  Beech are the understory now though in years to come will become the climax forest.

It is lovely to wake to this sight each morning with the sun making the golds glow.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Tom said...

The beech are beautiful this year.

Fun60 said...

The colours are heavenly.

Kay said...

I've just returned from the mainland where we were visiting our children and grandchildren for 5 weeks. It was a wonderful, but exhausting trip. I also brought home a cold with me so I'm stuck in bed for several days which is terrible since there's so much to do. Your photos remind me of all the beautiful colors we saw in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Maryland. I do LOVE the change of seasons on the mainland.

amanda | wildly simple said...

Love it!
No leaves left here.. and I miss them already! Very stark outside. As much as I'm enjoying the mild temps, a blanket of snow will feel very cozy.

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