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Monday, August 3, 2015

Garlic Harvest

Here is what is left from last year's garlic harvest.  Most of these cloves have started to sprout and now that I have new garlic to use, they have gone into the compost bucket.

The garlic was harvested several weeks ago and left to cure in the garage.

First task to prepare these for use was to cut off the stems.

Then to trim off the roots.

Rub well to loosen the first layer of paper covering.

These are nice sized garlic heads.

Cloves are huge.

And I have a lot.

Pile of roots and paper.

Finished basketful.

This one I peeled a bit more to show the cloves.

Into the pantry.

Now the decision I have to make is whether to order more from Fedco for fall planting or rely on my stores of heads?  If I use my own heads will I have enough to last till next summer?


Jenny said...

Awesome harvest of garlic! And love how huge it is. Personally I've started using my own for seeds and I know that we don't use more than 1 bulb in 2 weeks so it's pretty easy to estimate what I need for winter, keep biggest for seeds and the rest give away.

Margaret Adamson said...

That's a wonderful harvest.

Margaret Adamson said...

HI Me again. I do not have anymore ground to grow things and I have to resort to containers and I wonder can you tell me if I could grow garlic in larg pots?

Fun60 said...

What a good job you did there preparing the garlic for storage.

kikiverde said...

Beautiful! This will be my first time growing garlic and I'm a bit nervous about doing it correctly! I'm confident about lots of things in the garden but not so much when it comes to garlic and onions.

amanda | wildly simple said...

That's a great basket of garlic!
Visiting our brother in law 5 hours south last weekend, he sent home a bunch of sets from drying in his garage. We're putting some of it to use in pickling recipes. A treat!

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