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Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Friday

Five random things about me on this date.

1.  I'm ready for spring.  I placed my seed order this week and am looking forward to starting some lettuce, Chinese cabbage and spinach inside come February.

2.  Just finished reading a good mystery called "Death Toll" by Jim Kelly.  The detective reminded me of Christopher Foyle of the Foyle's War series.

3.  Dan and I are addicted to Foyle's War.  We started season 3 this week and the second episode is waiting for me at the library.

4. I've taken up watercolor painting with mixed results.  Yesterday I tried to follow some of the instruction in a book I got for my birthday to a frustrating conclusion.  Good thing I'm signed up for lessons that begin next week.

5. Look who's up close and personal outside my study window.

I know she's doing me a service trimming the liriope.

 I think she's pregnant too which means she'll be bringing her offspring by later this year. 

 I will definitely start the Liquid Fence with the warm weather.

[I know there must he a host for this post for me to link to but I'm clueless.  So if you read this and know the host please let me know.  I've been reading Latane's random 5 things for a long time but couldn't see her link today.]

1-11-14: My husband found the link for me.  Random Five Friday


Nancy Claeys said...

Hi Marcia! I see that you found my link. Yay!

What an adorable visitor. Looking forward to seeing her baby or babies soon. :)

Thanks for joining in!

Beth Edwards said...

i will have to look into Foyle's War. sounds interesting. wonder if it is on Netflix of one of those websites? we will see. ( :
happy weekend.

W. Latane Barton said...

Marcia, glad hubby found the link for you to Random Five Friday. And, yes, I did fix my BAD blog so that people can read it correctly. Have a good one. Latane

lisa hermanson said...

The dear does look pregnant what do you know ! So nice to be thinking about spring and starting Chinese cabbage at this time of year...

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