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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Storm Damage

One week and a day this was the scene we awoke to.  I'm just now able to post these photos because overnight our internet and cable was restored.  Yeah!
Spilled pots and plant stands.
 Leaves from the tulip poplars scattered throughout the lawn and gardens.
 Almost 2 inches of rain.

 Openings where trees lost their tops.

 Tree tops on the ground.
 One dead tree across the steepest part of our driveway.
The cable/internet was the last utility to be restored.  Phone though usable since Sunday was fixed on Saturday to remove static and dropped calls.


Jenny said...

That's what our area looked like after Irene. except one of our trees is still down - 4 feet wide oak.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So sad.. I hate those storms. Yours was worse than ours although we lost two beautiful trees --and like you, we had a yard full of JUNK.....

Glad you are okay and have the electricity, cable, phone, etc. all back now.

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