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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This and That

In July last year I visited some garden centers in Amish Country in Ohio. I was very inspired by a small garden scene in a metal washtub. I've managed to make my own such scene in a metal pail I got at a yard sale last Fall. Here is the inspiration:

Here is my rendering of this scene using only one purchased plant (the dianthus). The thyme, moss, cedar tree come from my yard. The hens and chicks were taken from another potted plant I purchased.

That project and the following were done with help from Emily who has been visiting this weekend.

We went shopping at a wonderful garden center and purchased a variety of succulents. Then Saturday visited Home Depot and found some cacti. My hope is these plants will better survive the heat and drying out and not need constant watering. I think we got some marvelous combinations of plants.

Finally some scenes from the garden.

1 comment:

wilderness said...

love the pail garden and all of your succulents.

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