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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Residents and Visitors

I'm sure you have resident wildlife that share your garden spaces with you. For me they are the deer, raccoons, frogs, all sorts of birds and these fine looking creatures who have become regulars each morning looking for a handout. They let me know they are ready to eat by coming up to the deck, climbing the beams and looking in on us as we have our breakfast. I tear up a piece of whole grain bread and toss it on the deck and grass. They aren't tame enough to stick around while I do that but once I close the window they scamper back to eat. This morning there were these two. A third was chased off so it didn't get to partake.

Then there are the occasional visitors. Yesterday it was a flock of cedar waxwings taking a drink from my pond. Didn't catch them on the camera before they flew off to who knows where.

(Photo from GBYBC - anonymous.)

This morning it was a single duck who landed on the embankment of the pond. As I reached for the camera she flew off chased in flight by another duck, I assume a male. I believe she was a female wood duck because she look somewhat like this. It was the white patch that was distinctive but she wasn't the lovely coloring of the male wood duck.

(Photo from web search - Terry Sohl)

Residents and visitors - an ever changing scene here at my gardens.


ONG said...

Is there anything better? I think not. Thanks for posting.

HolleyGarden said...

Love the squirrel pictures. We had some cedar waxwings come through one year - they were beautiful. I don't think they ever stopped by again, though. :( They must not have found as many berries as they wanted, although they stripped the trees and shrubs that I did have!

Jean said...

I love reading about the wildlife that visits ones yard/garden. Thanks for sharing your super visits. Who doesn't love Waxwings!?

Gayle said...

I like your visitors and share the same enjoyment

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