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Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Happening in the Garden on July 31st

Take a walk with me around the yard. Just outside the front door the black-eyed susans are in their full glory. The three butterfly bushes are starting to attract the insects but it always surprises me how few butterflies there are at first.

The hydrangea keeps opening new blooms in this front bed.

The sunflower is hanging its blossom head with the weight of the seeds. I frightened off some goldfinches when I opened the door. You can see where they are already feasting on the seeds.

Russian sage with trimmed lavender to the left.

Newly weeded swale to the pond.
Joe Pye weed.
Perennial beds

A lovely begonia in the hanging basket.


Emily said...

Everything looks great!

Dan said...

Wow, your garden is really shining! I really like the hummingbird moth, I have never seen one of them in person.

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