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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New blooms

The first iris has bloomed. Its a miniature version that my mother - in - law gave me when we moved to this house. I had had some when we lived in Columbia outside the back door by a wooden fence. Over time they stopped blooming there but I did manage to move some to other spots in the yard so we could still enjoy them.

I've been hearing a lot about Knockout Roses so I did some investigating and decided to try one. Purchase it yesterday and planted it outside Dan's study. My first attempt at digging the hole hit the footer for the stone wall. I then went out to the end of the stone wall and hit the drain field for the wall. I returned to my first position and came out from the wall more and managed to get a nice hole. I planted the rose in compost from my compost bin. I hope it likes it there.

1 comment:

Aunt Rob said...

Wow, your rose and iris are ahead of mine. guess we are just that much north of your. both are beautiful.

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