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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Official Snow Day

Today is the first official snow day - I have off of school because of it.

The forecast was for snow starting after midnight so when I woke once last night I peered out to see if it had started yet. Nope. I awoke again at 4 am and still no snow. I resigned myself to the fact that the forecast was in error and went back to sleep until the alarm at 6 am. I lay there then and listened to the announcer give the forecast. He said it was snowing! Good I thought but will they close schools if it has just started?

I hiked down to my study and turned on the computer. Sure enough - School's Out message came through that my school system was closed for the day. How nice! A snow day! Even if it means adding another day to the end of school. A snow day is a gift day!

When Dan left for work taking my car, I rode with him to the top of the lane to fetch the newspaper and then walk back. It was a very pleasant walk, made even better by taking the path through our woods instead of hiking up the steepest part of the driveway. The snow made a lovely sound falling among the trees. I fell only once when I stepped across the frozen creek onto the part that is always wet. It was a sheet of ice hidden under the snow and I went down.

When I got to the yard I refilled the suet feeder and then sat on the swing enjoying the birds that returned once they got their courage back. The cardinals never did summon enough courage to join the titmice, chickadees, sparrows, juncos, and assorted woodpeckers.

Once back in the house I watched the cardinals return. At one time there were 6 males vying for spots at the feeder or waiting for an opening. I've sprinkled sunflower seed next to the deck, protected by the eaves but few birds have found that source yet. They will as the snow gets deeper.

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Dan said...

We are supposed to have the storm hit around 12am tonight. I guess we are getting the northern edge of it so it will be hit or miss if we receive a lot or a little snow. I have to travel tomorrow morning so I am hoping it will be light snow.

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