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Friday, March 16, 2018

Return to National Cathedral

Last week I was the designated driver for a trip to the National Cathedral in Washington DC for Tour and Tea.  I had been before for this event a number of years ago before I moved to Vantage House and though the others had been to the Cathedral in their past, they had never experienced the tea on the 7th floor.

It was a rainy blustery day but we were indoors so no problem with that.  By the time tea was done at 3:30 the sun was shining so we enjoyed the view.

Here is a bit of a look at the Cathedral.

Below is the Space window.

In the center of the red medallion is a bit of Moon rock.

Sorry Lincoln is in shadow.

This is the window dedicated to him.

I caught the laser pointer of the guide on this window and now I don't recall its significance.

The Cathedral is still dealing with the effects of the earthquake and has an enormous need for funds to fix the damage.

There were 5 of everything for tea prepared by the All Hallows Guild as a fund raiser for the gardens.

It was all delicious.

The view from the 7th floor.

Time to return home but two more photos of the cathedral and ongoing restoration.

The National Cathedral offers a wide variety of tours.  Many many years ago Dan and I took our daughters to an early morning behind the scenes tour where we climbed to many different levels.  Check out their website for tour choices if you are going to be In Washington DC.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sure Do Miss This President

In early January Vantage House sponsored a trip to the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore.

One room was devoted to these story quilts and one of those on President Obama.

Another on notable people in history who were African American.

And another on Maryland history.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Gwynns Falls

The first Tuesday of every month the Fitness Department here at Vantage House takes a walking trip.

This month the destination was the Gwynns Falls Trail in Baltimore.  In the early 1900s a big swath of land was set aside as a park and a trail system then developed through it.  Below is only a small portion of the map at our trailhead.

The trail connects from western Baltimore City to downtown.  In fact our driver first took us to the downtown end because that's where the gps directed him to go.  Since it was billed as a walk in the woods we didn't get off there amongst the warehouses and river's edge to walk.

Darryl, one of the fitness instructors took a picture of me as I took one of him.

The woods are really open without leaves.

I loved all the different sorts of tree trunks.  This beech was hollow inside but still alive.

Darryl climbed inside while Robert, our driver filmed him.

The trail here was along an old mill race for the Windsor Mill.

Here's another beech.  See a face in there?

The windstorm last Friday must have toppled this tree across the trail.  Fortunately it had been cut up so we didn't have to climb over.

I was impressed with the color of this trunk lying on the forest floor.

And this one with original camouflage.

Vivian who is in charge of Fitness insisted we stretch before we started our walk and then again afterward.  Dan is following directions.

There were 11 of us on this trip counting the Vantage House staff.  A cold day but well worth the trouble of bundling up to walk.  

Dan here telling Robert how to go home so we don't retrace the long way round that we came.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Just watched this great animated short by Pixar on bullying.

Click here for the link to see it online.

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