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Wednesday, May 15, 2013





Lily of the Valley

Daffodil (name forgotten)

More irises


Siberian Iris

Favorite iris


Going to bloom this year! YEAH!  Peony.

May apple

Linking to May Bloom Day


Lea said...

Lots of beautiful blooms! I can see why that Iris is your favorite - it is gorgeous! I don't have any May Apples, but I often see them while driving along the road. Sometimes if there is no traffic, I stop and lift up the leaves looking for May Apple blooms! I was surprised to find that not all of them bloom. Glad to see your photo of one.
Lea's Menagerie

Jenny said...

Beautiful! It took my peonies 3 years after planting to start blooming, and this year they are covered in buds! can't wait to see how pretty that will look.

Dreamybee said...

Beautiful! I'm excited for you for your peony-LOL! My grandmother used to grow them, but now the only way I can get them is to pay around $10/stem. Yikes! About once a year, I give in and splurge...and it's totally worth it! :)

Marcia said...

Funny thing is I didn't plant the May apples. Living next to the woods they were transplanted for me by some animal or just seeded themselves. I love seeing them and the jack in the pulpits and violets. All volunteers.

Marcia said...

I brought this peony from our old house in '06. The first spot was not good so once I started the perennial garden I moved it into this bed. It's bloomed once two years ago. This year there are three blooms and I figure the ants on them is a good sign. I have another peony I got in 2011 from the Philly Flower Show and it has yet to bloom.

Marcia said...

There is a house I pass where the man has tons of peonies growing in large pots. A friend of mine stopped there once to ask if he sells them. Nope. Just a hobby.

scottweberpdx said...

Gorgeous blooms...I have to say my favorite is also YOUR favorite Iris...that wonderful, deep purple...stunning!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous blooms and colors! I love spring time!

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