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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

More Scenes from New Hampshire

Just love the stone walls that you see as you drive through this state and most of New England.

I quick shot of the cemetery as we passed by.

A covered bridge capture before and after we traveled through.

This is the flat in the name Cornish Flat.  

It's the valley between the mountains with fertile soil for farming.

Daughter's property benefits from the flat.

The house across the street from my daughter's is a wonder on a rainy day.

Headed to the post office means a chance to splash in the puddles.  Granddaughters dress special in order to do that.

Oh to be young again and splash in puddles!


Tom said...

...puddles sure are fun!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Yes if I had my wellies on I do would splash in puddles

Bonnie K said...

What beautiful country. Great photos! I wish I was stomping in mud puddles insead of climbing over snowdrifts.

Kay said...

My husband was stationed in New Hampshire for a couple of years when he was in the Air Force and loved it. He's told me how beautiful it was there. Your photos prove it.

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