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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Update on Pete Buttigieg

In order for Mayor Pete to get on the stage at the Democratic debates he needs 65,000 donors. 

I really think he needs to be heard on the national stage.  

Would you consider donating $3 to his Exploratory Committee so he will get there?  His last tweet said he was 85% there.  I just donated $3!

It's early in the campaign I know, but such a well reasoned voice needs to be heard by more people.


Margaret Adamson said...

I am hoping that comment above mine was accidentally added to your site and I hope removed.

Tom said...

I recently heard an interview of Pete Buttigieg and to say the least I was impressed! But that said, this election is really all about the Supreme Court and not allowing the Republicans to steal another seat on the court. The White House will not be turned Blue by Democrats alone and at this moment in America a gay candidate isn't going to drawn voters into a larger coalition. I wish that my fellow Americans were open minded, but from all I hear and see this is far from the case. What SHOULD matter is the character of the candidate, but until this is the case, Mr. Buttigieg is a beat that I'm not willing to make.

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