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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cornish Waterfall

Last week while visiting daughter and family in Cornish Flat, NH we took an afternoon walk to the waterfall which is above the flat.  Cornish Flat gets its name because the valley between the mountains is flat.

Getting to the waterfall means walking up the road which is a gentle climb.  It starts as paved, then becomes packed gravel, and eventually you get to the part where the road ends and a muddy path continues, well in mud season it's muddy.

3 year old granddaughter is quite the walker and runner.  Not sure how she runs up the road but she has more energy than I do.  I can't say she climbed the entire road up.  I think Dan had her on his shoulders a few times.  6 month old granddaughter gets a stroller ride.

First stop along the road was to examine this tree that woodpeckers had been working on.

Next stop is this dam, a popular short walk destination.

Next stop was this small falls to throw rocks in the pool below the  guard rail.

First sight of snow in the woods.

We continue our slow climb.

Here's where the road becomes a trail.

The waterfall is full this time of year because of melting snow and rain during the week previous.

Ice along the falls too,

Down a path from the water fall following the creek as it falls in the woods we walk through the snow.  At the bottom is a tumbled down pile of rocks with a bit of wall still standing.  This was once a sawmill.  Plenty of power in that water to turn the wheel that once stood there.

For the trip back down to home, granddaughter gets a ride on her mom's back and falls asleep.

It was a nice 4 mile walk.

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Tom said...

...gorgeous, looks like the Adirondacks.

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