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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Turkey Anyone?

After our visit to the Historical Society of Cornish we walked down the road to the farm stand to buy meat.

I suppose we could have ordered a turkey but the ones across the street were rather large.

Some had been selected for processing that morning.  We didn't stick around to watch what would happen first.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast.
We had a preThanksgiving dinner Saturday night with the family then headed home.
We will be celebrating with the other daughter, son in law, and some of Dan's family on Thursday. I will be bringing the pumpkin pies.


Tom said...

Happy Thanksgiving Marcia!

Silver Willow said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cynthia said...

I thnk that was wise. After seeing what happens, it would have spoiled your Thanksgiving dinner!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun60 said...

Sounds as though you will be having a good family get together tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving. (BTW there are very few Underground stations South of the River Thames so I won't be featuring my local area in my Above the Underground series.)

Kay said...

Family is all coming to our house tomorrow so it will be very hectic. I wish my children and grandchildren could be here too. I sure do miss them. Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family, Marcia.

doodles n daydreams said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I wouldn't be able to wait and see what happened to the turkeys either, my imagination is bad enough.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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