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Friday, July 21, 2017

Jones Point Park

Friday, July 14th Dan and I took a break from the regular day routines to be tourists in Alexandria, Va.

Here is one of the spots we stopped by to see:

Much of the park is under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge which spans the Potomac from National Harbor, MD to Alexandria, VA.

As the photo above says there's lots of history in this place.  The rudder below was evidence of WWI history.

We followed the trail through the park reading the history signs.  These markers mark the original boundary.  This part of the District of Columbia was returned to VA.

The pathway around the point on an incredibly hot day.

View of the Potomac River from the old lighthouse.

Joining Fences

More boundary markers.

The original is encased below that glass lid.

Remember my writing about Benjamin Banneker.  He was involved with survey the District of Columbia.

I was surprised to see Maryland on this side of the Potomac.

This stone answered my question.

Heading back under the bridge after circling the point.

The park was well used.  We spied mothers with strollers in exercise groups, cyclists, joggers, walkers, basketball players and even in line skaters.  There was even a restroom.


Latane Barton said...

Hi Marcia, In regards to my post on the demise of blogging (or possible thereof) you commented that I did not have you on my blog list. I am sorry about that. I am following you so you are on my readers list. I couldn't put all 89 that I follow on my list or it would be long, long, long. I do go to my readers list on the design page ever so often and check out those who have posted recently. So, dear friend, you are being visited by me... I will add you to my blog list on the sidebar. That way I won't miss you!

Tom said...

...you sure a lot of great things to see!

Fun60 said...

I liked the lighthouse. Lots of other interesting things to see on your walk especially those boundary markers.

Stewart M said...

Looks like a place rich in history.

I'm in Switzerland on holiday - no thoughts of work at all!

Cheers - Stewart M - Geneva, Switzerland

Gosia k said...

great photos and history

Cynthia said...

What a variety of history in one place. I was surprised to see a wooden rudder on a ship of that era. I'm glad it turned up and was preserved.

Tom said...

...Marcia, thanks so much for sharing these treasures, it's nice to see things preserved.

Linda said...

I am delighted to see this! I lived in Alexandria for many years but left in 1998. The park was unfinished then, although the lighthouse was there and a sign about the ropewalk. Thanks for posting this.

bettyl-NZ said...

This is a great park! How lovely that so much history is retained there. I had to go back to find the lighthouse on top! Awesome photos.

Tanya Breese said...

what an interesting park, and neat location under a bridge! i'm going to have to make a point to visit next time we are that way!

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